Richtersveldia columnaris

Richtersveldia columnaris

Photo by Loukie Viljoen

Richtersveldia columnaris (Nel) Meve & Liede in Pl. Syst. Evol. 234: 205.


Trichocaulon columnare

Nel in Kakteenkunde 1933: 135 (1933).


Etymology: columnaris (Lat.) - columnar.

Distribution: NW South Africa (Richtersveld).

Distribution map

Distribution map of Richtersveldia columnaris (Bruyns 2005)

History: Plant was first discovered by Rudolf Marloth in August 1925 near Kubus in the Richtersveld in northwestern South Africa. He named it provisional as Trichocaulon hospitans but he never publish it. Later, in September 1929 Hans Herre collected it in Hellskloof. Gert Nel described this material as Trichocaulon columnare in 1933.

Robert Dyer and David Hardy transfered the plant to the genus Echidnopsis in 1968. In 1985 John Lavranos and Mary Bellerue-Bleck published new genus Notechidnopsis with N. columnaris and N. tesselata. In 2002 Ulrich Meve and Sigrid Liede published new monotypic genus Richtersveldia with R. columnaris.

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