Huernia thuretii

Huernia thuretii

Huernia thuretii Cels in Hort. Franç.: 73, t. 3 (1866).


Huernia thuretii

Cels in Hort. Franç.: 73, t. 3 (1866).


Etymology: Gustave Adolphe Thuret (Botanic Garden at Antibes on the French Riviera)

Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape), Namibia (Tiras Mountains).

Distribution map

Distribution map of Huernia thuretii (my own records, Leach 1988, Bruyns 2005)

History: The origin of the plant is unknown. It was collected somewhere in SE part of Cape Province. Plant was described by François Cels in 1866.

Peter Bruyns transfered H. thuretii var. primulina, H. bayeri and all ssp. of H. brevirostris to H. thuretii (2005).

Huernia thuretii

The illustration of Huernia thuretii
Hort. Franç.: t. 3. (1866)

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