Huernia procumbens

Huernia procumbens

Huernia procumbens (R. A. Dyer) L. C. Leach in Bothalia 10 (1): 54 (1969).


Duvalia procumbens

R. A. Dyer in Fl. Pl. Africa 31: t. 1218 (1956).

Etymology: procumbo (Lat.)  - prostrate

Distribution: NE South Africa (Limpopo), SE Zimbabwe (Matabeleland South).

Distribution map

Distribution map of Huernia procumbens (my own records, Leach 1988, Bruyns 2005)

History: The plant was first discovered by L. E. Codd in 1949 and recollected by H. P. van der Schijff in 1954, both west of Pafuri. The last one flowered in 1955 in cultivation in Pretoria. Dyer described it as Duvalia procumbens in 1956. Larry Leach transfered it together with D. procumbens and D. andreaeana to the genus Huernia in 1969.

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