Huernia blyderiverensis

Huernia blyderiverensis

Huernia blyderiverensis (L. C. Leach) Bruyns in Stapeliads S. Africa Madagascar, 1: 162 (2005).


Huernia quinta var. blyderiverensis

L. C. Leach in Excelsa Taxon. Ser. 4: 178 (1988).

Etymology: Blyde River Canyon - type locality.

Distribution: RSA (Limpopo - Olifants River, Ohrigstad River; Mpumalanga - Blyde River Canyon).

Distribution map

Distribution map of Huernia blyderiverensis (my own records, Leach 1988, Bruyns 2005)

History: Plant was discovered by Alan Percy-Lancaster by Ohrigstad River near the junction with Blyde River in about 1975. Larry Leach (1988) described it as a variation of H. quinta. Peter Bruyns treated it as a separate species (2005).

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