Huernia primulina

Huernia primulina

Huernia primulina N. E. Brown in Hooker's Icon. Pl. 20: T. 1906 (1890).


Huernia primulina

N. E. Brown in Hooker's Icon. Pl. 20: T. 1906 (1890).


Etymology: primula (Lat.) - primrose; primrose yellow flower

Distribution: South Africa (Eastern Cape).

Distribution map

Distribution map of Huernia primulina (my own records, Leach 1988)

History: The "primrose Huernia" was discovered by Colonel James Henry Bowker near Grahamstown. Nicholas Edward Brown described the plant in 1890. He wrote "Corolla is smooth and glabrous outside and inside, entirely sulphur-yellow to golden-primrose, without markings or a purple area around the corona."

Peter Bruyns transfered it together with H. bayeri and all ssp. of H. brevirostris to H. thuretii (2005).

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